Privacy Policy

Everybody that spends time online should be concerned about privacy. I’m paranoid about my privacy. I wouldn’t want anyone getting hold of my personal details. With the onset of the digital era, anyone can just assume anybody’s identity and do crazy stuff with it and I mean, really crazy stuff.

We need to be more careful with what we share online. As a website owner, it’s my responsibility to let you know how I protect your personal details here. And you, as a visitor, should do your part in protecting yourself online. When it comes to privacy, we both have to do our own thing to make sure your personal details are always protected.

Collecting Personal Details

I’m not really into collecting personal details. I don’t really need to but it just so happens that I am able to. Collecting personal data like name, email address, and IP address are standard practices online. These are basic personal details that are collected by websites. Suffice to say, I am able to collect these personal details every time you visit my website.

Third Party

Even if I am able to collect some personal details here on my website, I don’t give those out to any third parties. Once they are collected, I make sure none of them is exposed online. If I have to use any personal details like an email address, it’s for the reason that I need to reply to a question. However, if there are no queries, then there’s no need for me to reply and use the email address.

The IP addresses I am able to gather give me enough information as to where my visitors are coming from. This is a big help to me because I am able to see how my website is doing in the various parts of the world. The IP addresses can really help me analyze the various profiles of my visitors. I use all that data to enhance my website. I would like to reiterate that I don’t expose or share the IP addresses with anyone at all.

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