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Since I live and breathe computer, I decided to blog about it. For me it’s the best way to spend my free time. Not that I have a lot of it. But nonetheless, it’s not hard to find time to do what I really enjoy doing and that’s talking and even writing about computers.

So obviously, my website showcases my passion for computers. If that turns you off, leave my website immediately. But if that makes you curious, you are most welcome to be here provided you agree to my terms and conditions.

You Want To Share My Articles? Let Me Know

I really don’t mind that you share my articles with others. But you just need to let me know. I own the rights to all the articles posted here. It’s just fair that you let me know if you want to post any of my articles on other websites.

You Have Something To Say? Watch Your Words

If you have something to say, say it but watch your words. First of all, you need to keep in mind that my website is all about computers. So if you want to say something, make sure it has something to do with computers. I don’t know anything about sports and I pretty much don’t have a love life. So I can’t help you with those. I only talk about computers here.

Second of all, I do not deal with any personal feelings here. Unless, of course, you have a sad story about your computer, I can relate to that. But if your personal feelings are targeted to offend anyone, do not express your feelings here. I will not allow that here.

You Have Something To Share? Share It

If you have something to share, share it. Just as long as it has something to do with computers, share it with me. Who knows we might even have an interesting thread of communication that can help my other visitors. You can share your thoughts by posting a comment or by simply using my contact form. Now if you do end up sharing your thoughts with me, you also agree to share some information about yourself.

As I previously said, you are most welcome to visit me here on elecjournal.org provided you obey all my terms and conditions.

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